November 6, 2011

fall around here

We are enjoying a quick trip up to the cottage this weekend. It is crisp, yet sunny, outside - perfect for doing a puzzle by the fire at night and taking a fall walk during the afternoon. My daughter was loving her ride on daddy.

I also mentioned early in October that I was designing and constructing a costume for my toddler for Halloween. Well, it turned out ok, but it was much more stressful than I had anticipated. Last year's owl costume was a bit more straight forward. Figuring out the flower petals was a bit of work, but I think she ended up enjoying the finished product. And the neighbours seemed to get a kick out of our wee flower pot too! 

I wanted her to be a three-dimensional flower, not the kind I see everywhere with petals only around her face. The way I made it, she looked like a flower from all sides, and especially from the top. The petals were the hardest - I had to use a strong enough gauge wire so that the frame would hold and support the felt and tulle, but it also had to be flexible enough to mould nicely around her head. After wrapping tule, for what felt like years, the rest of the costume was easy. I found a green shirt at Walmart as well as a black pot which we cut the bottom off of. I used a bit of ribbon to hold up the pot and found a yellow cotton hat on the internet, and voila! We had an adorable pink flower!

{sorry for horrible iPhone photos}

She was so grown up that night - she ventured up to the doors, knocked while yelling "trick or treat", and remembered her "thank you" before leaving ALL BY HERSELF. 

We had to drag our 2.5 year old flower home that night.