January 18, 2012

If only....

...there was $3,500 waiting to be spent on lighting in my wallet.

{pelle lighting via}

December 25, 2011

joy filled day...

{while digging through her stocking}

I've been a bad, bad blogger. BUT we are heading home from the cottage to close on our new house in a few days....there will be many posts on that project to come!

Happy Christmas to all! xo

November 6, 2011

fall around here

We are enjoying a quick trip up to the cottage this weekend. It is crisp, yet sunny, outside - perfect for doing a puzzle by the fire at night and taking a fall walk during the afternoon. My daughter was loving her ride on daddy.

I also mentioned early in October that I was designing and constructing a costume for my toddler for Halloween. Well, it turned out ok, but it was much more stressful than I had anticipated. Last year's owl costume was a bit more straight forward. Figuring out the flower petals was a bit of work, but I think she ended up enjoying the finished product. And the neighbours seemed to get a kick out of our wee flower pot too! 

I wanted her to be a three-dimensional flower, not the kind I see everywhere with petals only around her face. The way I made it, she looked like a flower from all sides, and especially from the top. The petals were the hardest - I had to use a strong enough gauge wire so that the frame would hold and support the felt and tulle, but it also had to be flexible enough to mould nicely around her head. After wrapping tule, for what felt like years, the rest of the costume was easy. I found a green shirt at Walmart as well as a black pot which we cut the bottom off of. I used a bit of ribbon to hold up the pot and found a yellow cotton hat on the internet, and voila! We had an adorable pink flower!

{sorry for horrible iPhone photos}

She was so grown up that night - she ventured up to the doors, knocked while yelling "trick or treat", and remembered her "thank you" before leaving ALL BY HERSELF. 

We had to drag our 2.5 year old flower home that night. 

October 25, 2011

Something that's REALLY scary...

In keeping with all things spooky and a bit adrenaline inducing this month, I share with you the house we bought this past weekend. 


Yes, I know it all looks like one room, but I assure you it's not. We bought a LOT of red. And faux brick wallpaper. 

If I can't pull this into the 21st century, I need a new profession. :)

October 16, 2011

Halloween Chic

Halloween is just around the corner and I've noticed SPOOKY decor popping up all around our neighbourhood. Here are a few items I would choose to create a chic yet festive Halloween vignette in my entry...

1 - This adorable bat print on vintage French dictionary page looks sophisticated & scientific to me! $12 
2 - These ivory, orange and black poison bottles would look great (and ironic) with a single flower $15 for 3
3 - Random body parts arranged in a pretty bowl are always eery $20
4 - This skull stopper is super adorable and would look great plugging a plain bottle $18
5 - Love the subtle-spook that these "Devilish" titles provide, and they are beautiful shades of orange too! $42

Can you believe we are halfway through October already?!  

October 1, 2011

October is here...

...and you know what that means - Halloween is around the corner!

I never used to be a big Halloween person, I still am not. However, having a 2 year old forces me to think up a costume. And because I'm a crazy, over-think-the-details-designer-mum, I am feeling the pressure to design a cute costume for my darling daughter. 

How can I possibly out-do my creation from last year?  She was the sweetest lil' owl I've ever seen!

Here's to one October sewing project!

September 21, 2011

there's a nip in the air...

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The air has turned crisp and cool where I am...and I'm LOVING it!

September 7, 2011

Feed Me: Dr G's {AMAZING!} Best-Ever Tuna Salad

I know many design lovers out there read Canadian House & Home magazine, but sometimes I think we breeze through things like the food features. Well, I do. Normally. HOWEVER, when I saw a page featuring Dr G's Best-Ever Tuna Salad recipe in the July 2011 issue I stopped dead in my tracks. 

It meant something to me because this restaurant happens to be a few blocks from my house and this salad is so tasty I really can't rave enough! I was so excited that H&H managed to get the secret balsamic dressing recipe from Dr G and so lovingly shared with us readers. I've now made this throughout the summer and think you should try it if you a) eat tuna and b) like cobb or chopped-type salads....and the dressing is the best part, so c) you like balsamic dressing.


Here's the recipe from H&H:
{A healthy lunch from Toronto's Dr. Generosity. Serve a scoop of this tuna salad on a large plate with shredded aged cheddar, grated raw beets and carrots, grape tomatoes, a hard-boiled egg, alfalfa sprouts, bacon, and a side of this famous balsamic dressing.}
Tuna Salad
2 cans solid white albacore tuna (water-packed), drained thoroughly
2 Granny Smith apples, finely diced and soaked in cold water and a little lemon juice (lemon juice adds flavour and keeps apples from turning brown)
1/2 cup celery, finely diced
1/2 cup chopped walnuts 
3/4 cup mayonnaise
1 tsp honey 
1/2 tsp white pepper
Balsamic Vinaigrette
1 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup white wine vinegar
1/4 cup honey
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1-1/2 cups extra-virgin olive oil
1-1/2 cups canola oil
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 cup cold water
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp white pepper
Yield: 4 servings

* You will notice that the measurements for the dressing ingredients are large. I always make a half batch and have and plenty to drizzle on greens, and just about anything I can find, for days. 

* I usually substitute real garlic for garlic powder

* I also tend to use a bit less water, but you can adjust to your preference

September 5, 2011

Project: Oakmount Facade

We JUST got back from a nice vacation in Maine last week. We survived Irene and just experienced a VERY windy Sunday last weekend and lost power for a day - but there was shopping to be done at the outlets so we managed to keep busy ;)

While away I put together a colour palette for a pair of semi-detached houses I'm working on in Toronto. The young couple want to give their house a mini facelift with new paint on their stairs, porch, railings, trims and door....and the owner of the attached house has agreed to spruce up her side as well. 

{"young couple" lives on the right}

I've chosen a few colour combos to consider which work with their yellow-pink brick (and a "salmon" front door colour as per request by the Mrs) and here's what I'm thinking:

* a creamy beige for railings, trims & risers
* a dark gray for the porch surface and treads
* a bright & fresh coral for door no. one
* a complimentary peacock blue for door no. two
* a dash & albert outdoor diamond runner for some pizazz

We're in preliminary planning right now so things may change, but I'm liking the vision at this point!

August 25, 2011

off to "the beach"...

We are heading out to Maine for my husband's annual family vacation in the morning. I am loving watching my daughter soak up, and become part of,  memories so cherished by her dad's family! 

Cannot wait!
{here's to sunshine, sand between my toes, good food, lots of smiles & only a small hurricane Irene}