September 5, 2011

Project: Oakmount Facade

We JUST got back from a nice vacation in Maine last week. We survived Irene and just experienced a VERY windy Sunday last weekend and lost power for a day - but there was shopping to be done at the outlets so we managed to keep busy ;)

While away I put together a colour palette for a pair of semi-detached houses I'm working on in Toronto. The young couple want to give their house a mini facelift with new paint on their stairs, porch, railings, trims and door....and the owner of the attached house has agreed to spruce up her side as well. 

{"young couple" lives on the right}

I've chosen a few colour combos to consider which work with their yellow-pink brick (and a "salmon" front door colour as per request by the Mrs) and here's what I'm thinking:

* a creamy beige for railings, trims & risers
* a dark gray for the porch surface and treads
* a bright & fresh coral for door no. one
* a complimentary peacock blue for door no. two
* a dash & albert outdoor diamond runner for some pizazz

We're in preliminary planning right now so things may change, but I'm liking the vision at this point!

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