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I'm a born and raised Canadian girl who recently moved home after playing wife/mum/designer/blogger in Southern California. I moved to the Los Angeles area from Toronto in 2005 when my husband landed a job at the leading company in his field. This was the perfect time to start fresh and work towards a goal I had been dreaming about since completing my undergrad in Art History - interior design school! Really, I knew much earlier that designing was in my blood. How many eight year olds would hem and haw about whether to paint to their bedroom mint green or peach (this may not convince you of my abilities, but it was the 80s after all!) Anyway, I am so happy that I seized the opportunity to go back to school - I met so many amazing people at UCLA and am now able to do what I love each and every day!

When I'm not gazing off into space creating furniture plans in my head or blogging, I am taking care of my scrumptious little daughter. It goes without saying that my husband and daughter are the best things in my life. They make me laugh every single day, and encourage me through all of my crazy DIY projects and design visions.

Other Random Goodies...
i love raspberries, green & orange are my favourite colours, i've traveled to more than 20 countries, i love being a mum, i am estonian, i love rainy days, i dream about working with my architect brother, i don't like weather over 85 degrees, i love cottaging, my daughter has the best dance moves, i love family occasions, i love food too much, i secretly live in leggings or sweatpants, i love antiquing & estate sales, i've been told i look like charlize theron & my brother is a dead ringer for michael cera


5 Things I Can't Live Without...
(superficial, of course!)

1. My macbook is pretty much attached to my hip, it's baby number two. I'm usually emailing, AutoCADing, or blogging.

2. I abuse caffeine. I realized how much I LOVE my morning coffee when I was pregnant and couldn't have any. I love the whole routine - the aroma and brewing noises, frothing my milk, and sipping. Oh, and the fact that it gets me through the day energy-wise!

3. A small measuring tape. And I say "a" measuring tape because there are many. I try to have one in every purse, ready to size up my next find.

4. If I don't put anything else on my face before I leave the house I at least put on MAC concealer (hides those horrible dark circles) and Bigelow & Co lipgloss. If you haven't tried the lemon/lime line of Bigelow products you should, they are amazing. I love the smell of citrus!

5. I am officially hooked on hot power yoga. Sweat dripping up my nose is the sign of a good workout! No, that's not me, but I can do that. :)


According to me, Every Room Must Have...

Original Artwork!

{All paintings by Andrea Mortson}

I'm sure it is partly my Art Historian background that makes me feel strongly that every room should have some form of artwork, and I'm not talking mass-produced, Bed Bath & Beyond specials. Fill your home with pieces that you LOVE and speak to you! This doesn't mean you'll be eating pasta for years - both my sister and brother-in-law are artists and take part in a yearly art auction on Valentine's Day called "The Sweetest Little Thing". Auctions like this are such a great way to purchase original pieces for a fraction of their actual value....I'm sure there are things like this going on all over the world if you look. Lots of times, flea markets and antique stores have nice options hanging around too!

ps. Aren't the above paintings amazing?! I've been trying to claim a hold on the swan painting while I save up some pennies. :)

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